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– 4 silent spinner wheels
– 3 level telescoping handle
– Side-mounted tsa lock
– Durable ABS material for hardside and fully-lined interior
– Product Dimensions: 20.44 x 11.7 x 29.56 inches, item weight: 25.5 pounds


  1. ChiefLaughALot

    My family frequently travels internationally and we rely on this luggage for its durability and ease of maneuverability. We rarely use the middle size, instead opting to carry on the small size and check the largest size. The retractable handle makes it convenient for storage on ferries and railways. We have been impressed with its ability to withstand rough surfaces and only one cosmetic scuff has appeared. We are about to order another set for my mother as we are taking her to London, Scotland, and Ireland for the holidays.

  2. AC Smith

    I received this luggage just in time for my trip to Hawaii and it exceeded my expectations. The suitcases are lightweight and the wheels roll with ease, making it easy to maneuver in busy airports. The zippered section is a great feature, as nothing fell out. The outside is also very durable and the handle is strong enough to hold additional bags or backpacks on top without anything falling off. I highly recommend this luggage and will be using it for my upcoming trip to London in December.

  3. MarcoCPS

    I recently purchased this luggage set and was pleased with how lightweight yet sturdy the shells are. They protected my belongings well and held up nicely during my travels to Mexico. The wheels move easily in various directions, making it effortless to navigate through airports. It was convenient not having to pack a separate toiletry bag since all my clothes and shoes fit in the biggest case without worrying about damage or leaks. Although the set had a slight odor upon arrival, it disappeared after spraying Febreze and leaving the cases open overnight. I’m happy with my purchase and plan to buy another set.

  4. By CJsPirate

    I am impressed with the durability of this luggage after a week of traveling. It has held up well during my six-state journey and the telescoping handles lock firmly into place. The wheels glide smoothly, making it easy to handle. I was initially skeptical, but this luggage surpassed my expectations.

  5. Roger K. Mukai

    I love everything about this luggage set! The bright colors make it easy to spot on the airport luggage turnstile, and all the features are fantastic. The handles are easy to pull and push, and the wheels turn effortlessly. I highly recommend this fabulous luggage.

  6. Lolaloo22

    This luggage set is cheap, lightweight, and serves its purpose of transporting belongings. However, it is a Chinese product with misspellings and typos in the product info. The handles seem flimsy and prone to breakage, and the set arrived with scratches and dings. Despite these flaws, I am satisfied with my purchase and used the set for plane travel without damage.

  7. ThatOneGuy

    This luggage set is durable and worth the money. I have been traveling with it for five months, driving and flying with all three cases packed to the brim. Although I recommend luggage straps to secure them, they have held up well and still look new. The connecting strap works well for rolling all three cases as one. I am impressed with their ability to withstand frequent handling during my travels.

  8. Shannon Shepherd

    This luggage set is of great quality and the color is eye-catching, making it easy to identify. TSA agents complimented me on its style and quick recognition. I highly recommend this luggage for its durability and affordability.

  9. Jeremy T.

    This luggage set is basic yet functional, comprised of rectangular boxes with a basic liner. The wheels and handles work well, and the locks are secure. The set includes four sizes, with the smallest being ideal for a child’s use. For the price, it is a great purchase and I appreciate having multiple sizes available.

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