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– Double-stitched seam construction and thick nylon material.
– Plastic tips on the end of drawstring, which prevent it from unraveling after wash.
– As laundry liner bag helps keep laundry hamper or baskets cleaner and fresher.
– A locking drawstring closure can prevent the spill of items.
– Product dimensions: ?27.95 x 0.08 x 39.76 inches


  1. Lisa Hoatland

    Sturdy and durable. Will be perfect for our trip.

  2. ElleSoFresh

    Ok so you look no further, I am gone give you the full details.BUY THESE, GET 2 SETS. Listen, I done drag these across snow and ice and concrete. THEY AINT RIPPED OR NOTHING!!! 

  3. CMW

    This review is for the two pack laundry bags with handles. 

  4. JM

    Very cute laundry bag, holds a lot of weight. Easy to carry.

  5. Mr. Vitangeli

    If you use these as intended they should hold up great!

  6. Sawcat

    Used one to cinch up my sleeping bag and I used the other for a hamper while traveling worked out perfectly …. the flat bottom I like that you can cinch it closed ….for the money you can’t beat them

  7. TriniTrini


  8. Gary

    I coach football for a middle school. Lots of laundry heavy. Bags held together well.

  9. Jcasey10

    Happy to find these, they were exactly what I needed

  10. Judith Edie

    The laundry bags are sturdy and I especially love the over the shoulder handles.

  11. Thomas Bustard

    The shoulder strap is very convenient and is a nice touch. They feel sturdy so far, and I have not had any trouble. It holds a pretty large amount of clothes. Getting 2 bags for this price is a good value for the money. Would recommend.

  12. joyce vandyke

    The bags are big and cute. Very sturdy. Would buy again.

  13. AWilliams

    I use these to store the 500 “stuffies” my kids have and they’re awesome. Even though the bag is packed full and heavy I can hang the strap from the top of the bunk bed and it holds up well. I might get a few more for some other things!

  14. Maritza H.


  15. Brittany HBrittany H

    I use these bags for business purposes and they are FLAWLESS.

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